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We’re proud of the strong, trusted partnerships we have developed with our clients. Our focus is on producing quality solutions at a competitive value, with on-time delivery.

Quality. Durability. Strength.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have built our expertise through a proven partnership approach with our clients.

Our design-assist capabilities ensure we consult with you to provide design reviews and innovative approaches early in the design phase, to deliver a cost-effective design solution that meets your required project timeframes.

Tested process to meet our clients needs

Composite product solutions for internal and external panels

Interior and Exterior Flat Panels

FDP Composites manufacture panels for interior and exteriors of large passenger vehicles including buses and coaches – side panels, floor panels, ceiling panels, door panels, and more, up to 2.5m x 12m in size.

Panels can be designed starting from 1mm thickness upward, and can also be produced with a double sided gelcoat finish – a great feature on caravans and RVs.

Composite fabrication and manufacturer open mould

Bus and coach components

We have been fabricating large coach and bus roof panels since our beginnings in 1999, right through to today for any of Australia’s largest and leading coach manufacturers.

Our high quality carbon fibre provides a quality finish which is a great cosmetic feature suitable for wheel arch profiles, dashboards and interior feature panels.

Our floor panels with honeycomb core provide a great option for refits.

Early model bus components

FDP manufacture a range of early model roof panels and other ‘older’ style parts such as front and rear headers, bumpers and dashboards for bus and coach manufacturers and motor home refits.

leisure vehicles

Leisure vehicles

We design and manufacture a wide range of composite solutions for interior and exterior features for leisure vehicle manufactures including producers of RVs, campervans and camper trailers.

We work directly with these partners to provide appropriate components for their production needs.

Architecture and design composites manufacturer

Architecture and construction

Composite materials and products offer a great solution for the design and manufacture of architectural components, providing lightweight, flexible and mouldable solutions. We work with specialist architectural and construction designers to provide customised, large scale design solutions.

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Design-assist application

We apply a design-assist approach to our projects to ensure we identify the appropriate components, cost-effectively and in a time efficient method to deliver the required outcomes for our clients.

Our team’s intimate knowledge and understanding of composite products enables us to deliver quality composite solutions for your industry’s needs.


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Production tracking - lean manufacture

Our experienced production team monitor and track on-floor production to manage performance and ensure we’re tracking to required project timeframes.

We have integrated quality management review into the process to identify any production issues as they arise, and find appropriate solutions to resolve any issues throughout the manufacturing process. Ensuring we deliver quality, on-time composite solutions.

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On-time delivery

We work as part of your production line, offering just in time delivery to assist customers with storage for large items and reducing stock holdings.

For customers between Hervey Bay, Toowoomba and Murwillumbah, we deliver our our large roof and side panels direct to your door using our own purpose-built 14m trailer. For those further afield, we can assist with arranging suitable transport.

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