FDP Composites design and manufacture composite components for a range of industry sectors, including some of Australia’s largest bus, coach and camper builders.

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Bus and Coach

FDP supplies quality composite components to the majority of Australia’s leading bus builders, including:

Our technical experience and production capabilities enable us to produce and deliver everything from smaller interior panels and features, through to the production of large-scale roof interiors and exteriors and side panels for major manufacturing projects.

Camper and Caravan composites manufacturer

Caravan and Campers

We work with several recognisable Australian caravan and camper manufacturers to produce a wide range of components for:

  • motorhomes,
  • campervans,
  • caravans, and
  • camper trailers.

FDP Composites has partnered with these manufacturers over the years to find the right design solutions to meet their needs – quality components that are lightweight, offer thermal benefits, are durable, and cost-effective.

Marine and Boating composites manufacturer

Marine and Boating

From luxury yachts and catamarans, to every day boating vessels, fibreglass composite products are designed to suit the needs of many boat and marine manufacturers.

FDP Composites has worked with a number of leading marine and boating manufacturers to provide composite solutions that are lightweight and cost-effective while providing strength and durability.

Composite solutions can be designed for interior and exterior panels, boat hulls, and decks.

Architecture and design composites manufacturer

Building and Architecture

The use of fibreglass composite products is growing in the architecture and building sectors as these composites provide a ‘malleable’ solution across a range of applications.

Composite products have been used for both interior and exterior design features as well as structural components – walls, ceilings and exterior cladding.

The benefits of lightweight composition, mouldable form, and material strength that is also weatherproof is appealing to architects and builders.

Good quality, cost-effective solutions.

“I enjoy working with FDP Composites. I like their product and they’re really good at what they do. They produce good quality, cost-effective solutions for our business.

The big advantage working with FDP is that they’re willing to innovate and try different ways of doing things or implement new processes to achieve what’s required.

Their intimate knowledge of their product and their longevity in the industry enables them to use their expertise to meet our specific production and operational needs.”

Australian Camper Manufacturer
Camper and Caravan composites manufacturer

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