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Our focus is on producing quality solutions at a competitive value, with on-time delivery.

We have the technical know-how for your production needs

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled tradespeople at all levels of business, with experience in all aspects of fibreglass production across a range of technical processes and composite fabrication.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the production of composite products for some of Australia’s leading manufacturers, we understand the unique characteristics and performance of our components, designed to meet our clients needs.

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Composite fabrication and manufacturer open mould

Open Mould

Many of the large panels we produce for major coach and bus builders are made using a traditional hand-lay, open mould lamination technique.

To allow for standard thicknesses, we use chopped strand materials rather than chopper gun, so we can control the consistency of the thickness of each part.

General purpose or fire retardant resins are optional in all open moulded products.

Our open moulding process is commonly used for the production of large roof panels and side panels.

Resin Transfer Moulding

Resin Transfer Moulding - a closed mould process

Our high cosmetic finish component achieved through Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) is the preferred technology for many of our clients.

It allows for double sided gel coat finishes – providing consistent part thickness with a high quality finish. It also reduces installation time for bus manufacturers.

This production process is ideal for the partition behind the bus driver, overhead locker and door assemblies, which may have previously been produced in plastic moulding.

Composite fabrication and manufacturer - RTM Lite


RTM-L is an ideal solution for the mass production of composite components for commercial and industrial applications.

The process also lends itself to the production of high quality cosmetic components and is a preferred technology for many of our clients. It has been used in place of plastic components to provide durability in service and ‘life of bus’ performance in the case of our coach manufacturers.

This production process is also used in composite components that require a gelcoat surface finish on both inner and outer surfaces.

We use fire retardant resins as standard materials in all of our RTM-L products.

Composite fabrication and manufacturer - Silicone Bagging

Vacuum Infusion - a closed mould process

Our resin infusion process uses variable vacuum pressures and resin injection machines to draw resin through a laminate pack. Use of the flexible vacuum bag improves glass to resin rations and reduces product weight.

We use reusable silicone bagging or traditional disposable bagging products to allow for running changes to component structures.

This process also enables us to achieve further weight reductions and greater structural performance by using carbon fibre and PVC core products. General purpose or fire retardant resins are optional in all infused products.

It’s a cost effective solution which providers better production consistency, faster production time, as well as high quality and strength.

Composite fabrication and manufacturer - Composite tooling

Composite Tooling - mould manufacturing

With more than 20 years’ industry expertise, our team have the technical know-how and capabilities to design and produce quality composite tools and moulds for your component manufacturing needs.

Experience, design know-how, and manufacturing knowledge

“Coach Design has been working with FDP Composites for more than 20 years now. When we first started, we used to manufacture a lot of our own fibreglass moulding in-house but over the years we’ve transitioned to outsourcing all of our fibreglass panel manufacturing to FDP Composites.

The fibreglass composite material is ideal for producing the moulded shapes we need for our coaches. It provides strength and durability. And, FDP Composites make the process easy – as they have the experience, design know-how, and manufacturing knowledge to produce what’s required.

Operating in a highly competitive bus and coach building market, it’s important that we have a manufacturer that delivers. John and his experienced production team are extremely knowledgeable and deliver. FDP Composites are continually looking at bringing in new ways of doing things, making things simpler and more economical, which benefits us in the long term.”

Chryss Jamieson, CEO / Owner Coach Design
Coach Design Client Testimonial Composite fabrication and manufacturer

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