Privacy Policy

FDP Composites is the owner of this website, and we recognise that your privacy is very important to you. We are committed to promoting confidence in the manner in which your personal information is handled by us.

FDP Composites is bound by, and committed to supporting, The Privacy Act 1988. The following statement explains how FDP Composites collects, uses, discloses and protects this information on its website.


  • Collection – personal information is only collected to enable us to contact you and assist you with your enquiry and inform you of services available.
  • Use and disclosure – information will only be used for the benefit of you, principally to contact you, and no information will be disclosed to any third party without prior approval.
  • Data quality – we will ensure any data collected will be accurate and complete.
  • Data security – we will protect data from misuse, loss or unauthorised use.
  • Openness – the type of information collected is openly available to anyone.
  • Access and correction – we encourage personal information to be regularly updated and personal information collected to be available to the individual concerned.
  • Identifiers – no Commonwealth or State identifiers are collected or used.
  • Anonymity – it is impracticable for clients to remain anonymous.
  • Transborder data flows – no information will be transferred overseas without prior approval.
  • Sensitive information – sensitive information is not collected.

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