Our Products

FDP Composites manufacture quality composite product solutions, on-time, for a range of industries.

Competitive Value

Quality production and value.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the production of composite products for some of Australia’s leading manufacturers, we understand the unique characteristics and performance of our components, designed to meet our clients needs.

FDP Composites manufacture quality composites for a range of industries including the bus and coach, marine, building and construction sectors.

Composite products have a wide range of applications, from smaller interior panels,
to large-scale structural components.

Benefits of using fibreglass composite products

Fibreglass composite products offer a range of benefits for manufacturers.

  • Lightweight – fibreglass composite materials have a low weight-to-strength ratio
  • Good structural strength – components can be designed and engineered to have strength in a specific direction
  • Flexible and versatile – provides the ability to mould into unlimited shapes and sizes, and produce a range of finishes
  • Good thermal qualities – composites do not conduct heat or cold easily, providing good insulation
  • Corrosion resistant – composite materials are resistant to both weather and chemicals
  • Cost-effective – compared to other materials like timber and plastic, composite components can offer cost benefits
  • Durable – composite components offer long term durability and overall value
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Australian made. Family owned. Trusted partner.

FDP Composites is a family-owned, Australian manufacturer of custom-made, on-time, quality composite product solutions.

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Our capabilities

Our focus is on producing quality solutions at a competitive value, with on-time delivery for our clients.

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Our process

Our highly qualified team has experience in all aspects of fibreglass production across a range of technical processes and composite fabrication.

A focus on continuous improvement.

“FDP Composites, and John, particularly, are good to deal with. We’ve been working with them since 2012 and during this time John and the team have invested time and effort into fine-tuning their process.

John is continuously looking at ways to improve their product design and production to achieve ongoing consistency and quality. If he can think of a better way to do things, he’s always been open and provides suggestions as to how he can do things a better way, make it more cost-effective to produce, or deliver a better product.

They have a focus on continuous improvement that has mutual benefit to them as the manufacturer and supplier, as well as us as the client.”

Matt Howard, Purchasing Manager

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