Fibreglass moulding – a time saver

FDP Composites works with some of Australia’s leading bus and coach manufacturers – bus builders like Coach Design, based out of Brisbane.

Coach Design has been supplying coaches Australia-wide, and overseas, since the early 1990s. And, FDP Composites has been manufacturing fibreglass composite components for Coach Design’s buses for much of this time.

Fibreglass – a big time-saver

According to Australasian Bus and Coach, Coach Design CEO and Owner, Chryss Jamieson agrees that fibreglass moulding is a big time-saver for his business, and he updated his equipment and designs to accommodate the improved technology.

“We’ve been through a major development change with all the new fibreglass panels we’ve been doing, and we’ve probably spent over three quarters of a million dollars on tooling and development.

“Fibreglass is expensive … but it’s faster – in the old days we used sheet metal but we’ve switched to fibreglass to speed up the process, which is working.”


What Coach Design says about FDP Composites

“Coach Design has been working with FDP Composites for more than 20 years now. When we first started, we used to manufacture a lot of our own fibreglass moulding in-house but over the years we’ve transitioned to outsourcing all of our fibreglass panel manufacturing to FDP Composites.

The fibreglass composite material is ideal for producing the moulded shapes we need for our coaches. It provides strength and durability. And, FDP Composites make the process easy – as they have the experience, design know-how, and manufacturing knowledge to produce what’s required.

Operating in a highly competitive bus and coach building market, it’s important that we have a manufacturer that delivers. John and his experienced production team are extremely knowledgeable and deliver. FDP Composites are continually looking at bringing in new ways of doing things, making things simpler and more economical, which benefits us in the long term.”

Chryss Jamieson
Coach Design


ARTICLE SOURCE: Australasian Bus and Coach: Building with Coach Design.

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