Bus building standards – some of the best

Australian standards - bus builders Coach Design

Light in weight – one of the many benefits of using fibreglass composites. It comes in handy for exporting the finished product to New Zealand.

“NZ will accept Australian vehicles that are fitted with an Australian compliance plate, but NZ have a total vehicle weight penalty system, where the heavier the vehicle the more road fuel tax they have to pay. So the coaches are built to the NZ roll-over standards, which means a lighter frame construction.” Chryss Jamieson, Coach Design.

Bus building standards

Australian Design Rules and bus building standards are some of the toughest in the world.

The positive weight benefits that using fibreglass composites provides is certainly one of the reasons some of Australia’s leading bus and coach manufacturers use FDP Composites to produce their components.


ARTICLE SOURCE: Australasian Bus and Coach: Export Larger – Coach Design NZ Alpine ‘Wide Body’

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